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About Me

Read with Cheryl:

Welcome to my website, friends! It is so great to have you here. With the help of my brilliant offspring, we finally have things situated for your perusal. I hope you enjoy looking around the site.


By way of introduction: My name is Cheryl Cash and I live with my family in Uganda, East Africa. We work in a town called Fort Portal located on the Western side of Uganda. Our town is bordered by the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains. Our climate is temperate and we receive heavy rainfall throughout most of the year. I love the weather here.  My husband and I moved to Uganda in 1995. We have served in many different capacities through the years ranging from church planting in the beginning to leadership development in our present day. We have worked with youth, hosted youth camps, led a town church, taught Bible School for every age, mentored and counseled. In our very first terms in Uganda, we worked with food distribution and medical relief in the midst of a rebel crisis. We also have worked with aviation ministry, volunteer fire fighting, construction, child sponsorship and educational development. Every task we have put our hands to has been with the objective of discipleship—which is a very church-y word but we mean it to indicate that relationship with God in Christ has remained our focus. This discipleship is both personal and pastoral. We seek to know God more in our own lives and family as we also witness the outpouring of His relationship into the community around us through pastoral care and leadership.  


Our life in Uganda has spanned two decades now and we are often asked how long we plan to stay. We walk in that decision with open hands and hearts, ready to hear from God as to our next step. We call our mission “Where He Leads” for this reason. We have lived and continue to learn the value of presence, especially when seeking to serve cross-culturally. The opportunities for short-term missions are vast and popular. My husband and I each got our start by engaging short-term missions so we do know the value of such. We also know the limits. We are equally honored and challenged to remain in a most beautiful country with such a resilient populace as neighbors, community participants and co-laborers in Christ.


We have four children, one daughter and three sons. They are all teens and young adults now. And they are the most remarkable people—you can trust me on this, because I am their mother ;). I homeschooled them until early middle school. Their secondary school education has been a mix of resource engagement—some online programs, boy scout merit badges, Kahn academy and exploration of topics and skills that they are very interested in. Our daughter has studied photography at length, as well as health and medicine. Our oldest son has taken a deep dive into the study of Psychology with a primary focus on the Myers Briggs assessment. Our third child loves photography and videography and he has quickly become our go-to guy for all things technological. He has edited and produced videos for our mission and family, for his own youtube channel and he has beautifully designed this website. Our youngest son has a gift for animal care. He manages and trains the animals we have domestically while working toward a future internship in Wildlife Care either in Kenya or South Africa. These four people together with their dad are my every dream come true. I am stunned by the daily gift of witnessing God’s good purposes being carried to completion in them.


I joined our brood in the advance of academia and I am currently working toward a Masters Degree in Theology. I am studying online with Hazelip School of Theology at Lipscomb University in Tennessee. I am nearly a year from completion. I love to read and to write. I do continue to work toward publishing and hope to eventually have some Bible studies and devotions available here on this website for you to purchase and print.


So, to sum up: I have served as a missionary in Uganda East Africa for over two decades. I am a woman called to minister and I have engaged that calling through cross-cultural pastoral service. I have homeschooled, I am an avid reader, and I love to write. I have an auto-immune disorder that has drastically altered my life in the last five years. I am about to move two children into college and will have two teenagers still at home. I love to sing, I love to laugh and I am an introvert blessed by long bouts of silent contemplation. My husband is my best friend and also an individual I really enjoy kissing. My kids are the greatest and very, very funny! I have three dogs and, somehow, a whole posse of cats. I live at the end of very dusty, bumpy dirt road, we live off-grid harvesting rain water and utilizing solar power for daily needs, 6PM is my favorite time of day to be outside so I walk every evening as the sun goes down. There is always music playing in our home, coffee or tea ready to brew and some type of tropical fruit available for you to enjoy. My desk is strewn with Hebrew vocabulary cards and to-do lists. My laptop screen is covered with writing projects and manuscripts for editing.  I almost always have school work to complete.


Thank you for stopping by this website and for sharing a moment of your day with me. "The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26

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