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Dear Isaac,

You have always been an impressive soul.

From your unbelievably strong kicks in utero, to your very long hair at birth, to your commanding toddler voice—you have always found a way to stand out from the crowd.

You've always been a leader, both in our family and in our world.

As we navigated your recent college move-in, meeting your roommates and unpacking all of your bags, I was awed again by your courage.

Choosing a school where you do not know anyone in a state that we have never lived in before. And you are doing it with panache.

Friends and weekends at the lake and classes and making a home.

As I said with your older siblings, when it comes to your college transition I am absolutely sure that the time is right, but I will forever be stunned that the time is now.

I'm thinking of you all the time.

Football games on TV, trying to update this blog without you, and when I see any number of snack related items in the store that I know you would need to immediately buy... you are on mind so often.

But the moment that I recall the most is the one you purposefully planned for our goodbye.

Thank you for chasing me down for that one last (repetitive!) selfie.

I will remember that act of love always. For doing it my way. For hearing my voice.

And for always being sure that I have heard yours.

I learn from you and follow you and celebrate your audacious courage and determination.

You decide well, and follow through with conviction.

I am so incredibly proud of you.

Cheering for you always and feel free to call me soon 😉,


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