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                At the end of our first decade of missionary service in mid 2005, I began to blog. We had four very young children at that time and the pace of  homeschooling, life in the third world, and ministry support for the diverse and challenging service my husband and I were dedicated to in Western Uganda, frazzled and fulfilled in equal parts my each and every day. Exhausted, dismayed, lonely and secluded I stepped into an online world to speak of my experiences and glean support. The title 'Gently Led' was more of a hope of what could be built from repetitious training than an already secured reality at that time. My story might be more accurately titled 'Roughly Drug the Grit and Mud' as opposed to 'Gently led' and yet, the title has remained as a reminder of the character of God.  From Isaiah 40:10-11, a verse that offered me comfort throughout the fraying days of toddler care and very often sleepless nights, I encountered a Father who gently leads with compassion for our season in life. The toddler days are behind us and teenage/young adult days thunder in. All remain laced with surrender to the One who makes our way persistently, deliberately and graciously. 

             I continue to blog personally as well as sometimes contributing to other sites such as I have also completed one manuscript (a memoir) and work persistently on the next. For me, writing is a luxurious place where I breath deeply,  settle securely and open wide my heart. Thank you for reading and supporting this journey. I am so very grateful for YOU! 

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